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Big Wheel was founded in 2017 to make ambitious, cutting edge documentaries, factual programmes and feature docs.

Our purpose is to be a totally modern old-fashioned indie - characterful, bold, authentic and fun.

In a sometimes cynical industry, we are a purely ideas-led company. The ideas we have are the product of things we are genuinely interested in and passionate about.

This means that we only ever make programmes we love.

It also means we make more than one type of programme.

But everything we do bears our hallmark:

  • a love of big questions
  • a fearless approach
  • imagination
  • a sense of humour.

We believe that making TV is both a privilege and an adventure.

Our Work

We are currently working on a wide range of projects, including series, specials and feature documentaries.

Recent Productions

Recent Productions


For Germaine Bloody Greer :

  • 'Fantastically salty and fabulously bracing ... Highly entertaining', Radio Times
  • 'A thrilling profile ... exciting and superbly mounted', Daily Telegraph
  • 'A charming, respectful, fun and fascinating film', Daily Mail
  • 'Delicious ... As an hour of TV this was compulsive', The Times
  • 'A terrific portrait ... Electrifying', Sunday Telegraph
  • 'Groovy and important', The Sun
  • 'Unmissable', Heat


For Sue Perkins: Along the US-Mexico Border :

  • 'Touching and spectacular. An emotional rollercoaster. Documentary of the week', Radio Times
  • 'Strikes a neat balance between cultural discoveries and comic silliness', Daily Telegraph
  • 'Much more than your standard celebrity travelogue: a mission, not a jaunt', Sunday Telegraph
  • 'Colourful and warmly entertaining', Mail on Sunday
  • 'Perceptive and dryly funny', The Times
  • 'Epic and spectacular ... A feast', Daily Mail
  • 'Wry and perceptive', Independent


Germaine Bloody Greer nominated for an RTS award!

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Loop-the-Loop is Big Wheel's popular factual division, specialising in entertaining factual formats.

Recent Productions

Good morning Dagenham

Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter is Big Wheel's feature doc division, making long form documentaries for theatrical release and broadcasters in the UK and US.

Talented People

We are always interested in hearing from talented people.

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